Project management for Injection Molding

Fleur Plastics is specialized in the injection molding of a wide range of plastic products. In addtion, we are not merely a production company. Thanks to our history as a knowledge center, we like to think along with your product, and give advice where needed, in particular in the field of technical feasibility of the project and cost optimization. By guiding you from start to finish, we guarantee the quality you are looking for.Project management: from idea to production phaseWe guide your idea for a plastic product from the start up to production, assembly and transport. Whether you have an idea, concept or a product drawing, we relieve you by supervising all contacts with any drawing agencies and tool makers. In addition, we provide you with advice in the various choices that arise during the process. Think of choices such as:Which material best suits my final product?What will the costs be?What must be taken into account during the actual production?Rapid Prototyping Plastic Injection Molding ProductIn order to provide you with optimum care during the molding process, we offer the Rapid Prototyping service with which we convert your product drawing into a tangible product. When the final product then meets all requirements, the definite mold can be constructed. When the mold is ready, Fleur Plastics provides a test injection in which the process is set up as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.Only when you are completely satisfied with the process and product will we proceed to the production phase. Fleur Plastics then ensures that you are provided with a high-quality product.Saving costs in the Injection Molding process through project managementOver the past decades, our team has amassed solid knowledge about all facets of plastic injection moulding. By continuously innovating, we are constantly improving ourselves in production, design and logistics. A central piece of the injection molding process is the mold itself, into which the heated raw material is injected under high pressure. You can supply us with your own molds, but our development team can also design a mold for the product using 3D technology, based on a sketch and specifications. By including us into the complete process, we are able to give advice on how the appropriate material can be selected, production can be optimized, and assembly can be arranged. This all helps in saving production costs for your plastic products. If you would like to learn more about our production process, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the form to the right, email or telephone!