Product design and engineering

We accompany your idea of bringing a plastic product to market all the way to the production phase.

Product design and engineering of plastic products

Not every product design is immediately suitable for injection molding, and when you approach us, this is certainly not necessary. Through small optimizations or adjustments, the functionality of a product can be significantly improved or its costs reduced. 

We are therefore happy to sit down with you from the very first idea of a product in order to think along with you. In addition to the design, we also look at the technical feasibility, the costs and the choice of materials. By guiding you from start to finish, we guarantee the quality you are looking for.  

From idea to production phase to plastic product 

During the design phase, each customer has a moment for himself or herself when she or he feels comfortable approaching us. This moment can be with an idea, sketch, ready-made injection molding design and in some cases if the customer already has their own molds (link to contract injection molding). 
Designing a plastic product requires experience and good knowledge of the injection molding process. It is also important to know how an injection mold is constructed and how it works. As the process progresses from design to production, it becomes increasingly difficult to change or modify a design. A minor adjustment in a CAD file can be a matter of a few clicks but is impossible in a steel mold.

Applying the design rules for plastic products correctly saves costs both now and in the future. Our focus is therefore always on reducing the vulnerabilities in the design and when these are not reduced sufficiently, then to look for an alternative solution if practice differs from theory.

Product design and engineering
Product design and engineering

Rapid prototyping for plastic products 

We frequently use Rapid Prototyping to quickly turn ideas into realistic proof of the functionality of the plastic product, which in turn can lead to revisions in the design.

Once the product design is approved by both parties, we start looking at what production requirements and capabilities are needed to make the product within your budget. These requirements are translated during engineering into a workable production mould.

Cost optimization with Injection molding through proper project management 

With our team, we have amassed solid knowledge of all facets of plastic injection molding over the past few years. As such, we have built up a great deal of injection molding expertise over time and can therefore provide you with expert advice in this area. By continuing to innovate, we constantly improve ourselves in terms of production, design and logistics.  

We unburden you by supervising all contacts with any drawing offices and tool making companies. In addition, we provide you with advice in the various choices that arise during the process Are you curious what Fleur Plastics can do for you? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities!

We can't wait to help you with your challenge!