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After working in a diversity of branches (metal, plastic, service, trade and consultancy) Paulus Rabou started a injectionmoudling research centre in 2000 called Fleur Plastics. In the first years of being a researchcentre he was able to do a lot of research in quality control for plastic products to make sure the product meeted the requirements. For example he worked on a biopolymer made from potatopeel which is biodegradable. But he also worked as a teacher for the Mikrocentrum (a research and teaching institute) where he gave the following courses: Injection moulding 1,2,3 and problemanalysis for injection moulding.

Fleur Plastics became more involved with moulds- and productionproblems causing it to focus on becoming a productioncompany, which wants to support their customers 24/7. In the end, Fleur Plastics has grown into an actual family business since his son and son-in-law are also working in the company. 

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