About Us

Who are we?

In 2000 we started as a test injection center for moulds and research center for plastics under the name Fleur Plastics. During this period we were able to do a lot of research into the process of influencing and controlling the quality of plastic products. As an injection molding technician, Fleur Plastics became more and more involved with molds and production problems and eventually grew into a production company.

As a manufacturing company, together with a close-knit team of employees, we are ready 24/7 to provide our customers with high-quality plastic injection molded products. During the last few years, Fleur Plastics has focused much of its efforts in further automating its machinery and expanding our production facilities to accommodate future growth. Because we now get more productivity out of a day, combined with low overhead, this leads to the best value for our customers.

Why Fleur Plastics?

Comprehensive quality

Like any company, product quality is our top priority. But mere product quality is not what we want to perform on as an injection molder. By quality, Fleur Plastics also means:

  • Quality of customer contact: As a customer of Fleur Plastics, you should feel comfortable with us. We are a family business and everyone should feel at home in this family. 
  • Quality of price: Achieving an advantage together. A price should include the right cost and fit your budget. Through transparency we should strive for a price that satisfies both parties. 
  • Order and cleanliness: In our production hall as well as with your molds. Dies require a large investment and therefore deserve the best care. We clean your molds daily during production. After finishing the production run, the die is lubricated and additionally cleaned to prolong its life. Then your mold is put away in a numbered box and stored in a separate hall.


  • Our current machinery has grown in terms of closing power in small increments. This allows us to flexibly switch between machines with your mold. This flexibility leads to a short delivery time of your plastic products.
  • When our customers miss out on their stock, we replenish it within a few days.
  • Do you have problems or questions about plastic related issues? We always try to visit you the same day. We are flexible with our opening hours so our customers are always welcome at their convenience. So don't hesitate to drop in for a cup of coffee!

Involved team

  • Through our committed but above all enthusiastic team of employees, we strive together to deliver value in every step of the production process. 
  • Fleur Plastics is involved with their customers. Through good cooperation and open communication, we work towards a lasting customer relationship.
  • Due to a flat organizational structure, our communication lines are short. This allows us to deliver a concrete improvement for your problem faster.

Thoughtful and considerate 

  • The core business of Fleur Plastics is plastic injection molding and we want to continue to develop as much as possible. But also during the construction of moulds and/or product drawings, we think along at an early stage in order to optimize the final production.
  • Over the years, we too have become increasingly involved in more complex challenges. Our added value lies in thinking along to the solution, also outside our core business. As an SME in the plastics processing industry, we have built up a reliable network of suppliers over 20 years. We work out problems and look within this network of suppliers for the best solution for our customers. In the meantime, our customers can focus on their core business.