Assembly of Injection Molding Products

In addition to injection molding plastic parts and products, we also provide assembly work for many of our customers. Our employees in the assembly department put together parts with the greatest care into a complete end product or into a semi-finished product. Furthermore, we carry out quality tests and the packaging of your plastic injection molded products is also taken care of.

Outsource the assembly of injection molded products

Margins have come under considerable pressure in machine and equipment construction in recent years, while the demands on performance are becoming increasingly high. Fleur Plastics has been producing plastic-based injection molding products for many years for, among others, the construction, automotive and technical sectors. Assembled injection molded products include a wide range of products, including swivel wheels, transport wheels and gears. These products can be produced by us in different types of materials. It is of course important that the technical functionality of the products meets your wishes.

Options for assembly of injection molded products

We want to unburden our clients. That is why we offer a total solution as much as possible. This also includes the assembly of plastic products. Assembly stands for putting the different parts of a product together. We offer complete custom assembly, according to your wishes. Think, for example, of applying a rubber sealing strip, but also printing, packaging and adding manuals. Your products are immediately ready for use after assembly.

Assembly through Insert Molding

Our assembly work is not only limited to assembly after the injection molding of your plastic parts. We also have experience in putting together individual parts before the plastic injection molding of your product takes place. A good example of this is the overmoulding of parts, in the form of Insert Molding. The choice of which sequence of assembly and injection molding best suits your injection molding product usually depends on the number of products and the requirements of the product, for which we happily provide advice.

Fleur Plastics takes care of the assembly of your injection molding product

Are you looking for an injection molding partner who can also take care of the assembly process? Our knowledge, the required materials and the injection molding techniques are used to the maximum by our design team, who will work with you to create the most ideal solution for the assembly of your plastic product. Contact us today to learn more!

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