Injection moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process where a thermoplastic polymer is heated and injected into the mould with pressure. The described process is a simplistic view of the true injection moulding process. The actual process for producing a plastic product contains a lot of technical issues.

By teaching at the Mikrocentrum (an research and teaching institute) but also by teaching at machine suppliers a lot of knowledge is acquired by Fleur Plastics. At lot of knowledge is gathered through years of experience, which has been gathered by for example through producing plastic products with an accuracy of 0,001mm but also through producing products with "two-shot" injection moulding.

This expertise and experience makes us able to fulfill your wishes and requirements but also to relieve your from the technical issues from injection moulding. In our factory we are able to produce 24/7 through extensive automatization. Our injection moulding machines are able to produce plastic products weighing from 1 till 420 grams.

Kunststofproducten van 1 tot 420 gram

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