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Committed Injection moulding partner for your production process

Fleur Plastics

Welcome on the website of Fleur Plastics

For each plastic product we develop an injection molding process in which the quality is largely monitored within a statistical process framework. This allows unmanned production with low margins of error. 

In 1999, Fleur Plastics was founded as a research center for molds, materials and processes. Our vision was to develop injection molding processes in a systematic and scientific manner. During our time as a research center, we have gained a great deal of knowledge in process influencing and controlling the quality of plastic products. 

This method of working brings value to our customers by identifying production problems early, making product quality more predictable and providing greater certainty in dimensional and aesthetic criteria. In addition, during this period we contributed to research on biopolymers and shared our knowledge through courses and training.    

As we became increasingly involved in mold and production problems, we began to apply this knowledge in a production environment. Fleur Plastics as a production company has focused on further automating the machinery, expanding our production facility and services.

Plastic injection molding with experience

At Fleur Plastics, we have learned that by using the right competencies, the production of a plastic product in the Netherlands is more economical than abroad. In addition to reducing costs, which arise over the years of a plastic product's life, it also significantly reduces risks in the supply chain.

We often sit down with our customers at an early stage to work out a plastic idea or product together. Here we offer the handles for optimizations within: product design and functionalities, material selection, mold construction, assembly, post-processing and of course injection molding. All from our production location in Boxtel (Eindhoven region).

Together with a close-knit team of employees, we provide our customers with high-quality plastic injection molded products 24/7. As a cooperation partner, we stand for expertise, quality, service and flexibility.

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