Project management: Extrusion

Gepubliceerd op 5 August 2022Reading time: 1 minute

In collaboration with one of your customers, Fleur Plastics started a project to start producing 3D filament with extrusion.

Extrusion is just like injection moulding a processing technique in de plastic industry. With extrusion, a polymer is injected through a mould, in the case of 3D filament the mould has a 1,75mm opening. The extruder ensures a continuous supply of filament, which is then cooled and wound up. Our customer became interested in extrusion because the use of 3D printing in the injection moulding industry is becoming more and more popular. Due to our knowledge of plastic and injection moulding our customer asked Fleur Plastics if we could help him during this process. In addition, a unique winding automation has been developed, to ensure the possibility to produce 24/7.