Fleur Plastics is Your Partner in Plastic Parts Production

Do you want to have plastic parts made? We are happy to help you design and produce your (future) product. As an involved production partner, we are your partner throughout the full production process.

Why do our clients choose Fleur Plastics as their injection molding partner?

For close to 20 years, Fleur Plastics has been a partner in the production of plastic parts and products. With a choice of various injection molding techniques, we are an apt partner in all markets! We supply our plastic parts and products to various industries; from automotive to construction and from packaging to technical products.

Need plastic parts? We can assist!

Our customers often choose for Fleur Plastics as their injection molding partner to have their plastic parts made, because of…

  1. our availability. Our machines are at your service day and night.
  2. our advanced equipment and experienced injection molders.
  3. our honest advice and commitment.
  4. the high quality of the plastic parts we supply.
  5. our eye for detail. Your plastic parts will look exactly as you expect.
  6. our experience. No matter how simple or complex your product or plastic parts are. We are happy to think along with you and help you further.

Discover what we can do for you

To guarantee the quality of our products, we use various injection molding services to make your plastic parts as good as possible. With us you can choose from the following services:

  1. Injection molding. With this method, we design the mold for your plastic parts (if you don't already have one), after which we inject the heated raw material into the mold under high pressure to create the desired product.
  2. Test injection molding. We test your mold carefully using test injections. You are assured that your plastic parts can be produced with the highest quality.
  3. Rapid prototyping. With this method we build up your plastic parts layer by layer from a product drawing.
  4. Injection molding for existing molds. If you already have a custom mold for your products, we also injection mold into existing molds.