Also in the construction industry plastic is becoming more popular, as a result of innovation there are new applications for injection moulded products in this industry. The plastic materials are strong but also durable and easy to produce. By combining the different properties of plastic, it is possible to use plastic in a lot of applications. 

Underfloor heating

One of our customers, a specialist in underfloor heating, was also interested in the usage of injection moulded products. Currently the underfloor heating is attached on the welded mesh panel with an iron strap. Attaching the tube to the welded mesh panel is an activity that is executed standing or in a crouched position. Which causes a higher strain on the back of the employees. As a result our customer was looking for a way to improve the ergonomics of the employees, but also he was also interested in a cost reduction. This led us to the idea to develop a product and plier, where it was possible to attach the tube to the welded mesh panel in a standing position. This would reduce the strain on the back of the employees.

The solution


Together, a development process was started in which various product designs, moulds and material tests were carried out in order to arrive at the final product. The product can be attached to the welded mesh panel in six different ways and is produced in a polypropylene. By using polypropylene the product is strong enough for being used in the construction industry, but still flexible.

The production method

Q-clip triltrommel A sixteen-fold mould has been developed with which the clip is being produced. But to improve the working speed with the pliers, the pliers are filled with a string of products. During the development process, a reputable automator from Brabant innovated an automation to produce the string of products. The sixteen products fall into a vibrating drum after which they end up on a rail. The rail carries the products to a ultrasonic welder, which attaches the products to each other. When enough products are attached to the string a robot moves the string into the packaging.

The results

Through our advices, test and the efficient process our customer was able to bring a innovative product to the market. With the product the ergonomics of the work method is improved because the activity can be executed standing. But we also realized a cost reduction by replacing the iron strap for a injection moulded product

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