Perfect injection moulding partner for start-ups

As a start-up company, you are full of fresh and new ideas. These new ideas include decisions on the required materials, the production process and, above all, a production partner who can ensure that your wishes become reality. Perhaps you have also considered injection moulding as a production process. By choosing injection moulding as a process, you can choose Fleur Plastics as a full-service production partner, who will help and guide you with: tools, design, production and other aspects involved in injection moulding. Here, you can find everything about injection moulding, to make your decision easier.  

What is injection moulding and what is it used for?  

Injection moulding is used as a production process to manufacture parts in large numbers. The same parts are reproduced in this mass production process. The process is characterized by producing large quantities. Thousands of parts can be produced per injection moulding process.  In the total life time of an injection moulded part, the number of produced parts can be as high as a million. Another aspect that characterizes injection moulding is the low cost per product. The tooling will be the largest investment in the project, but the ability to scale up or down the production process is always in your hands.  


Injection moulding also has other benefits besides being easily scalable. For example, injection moulding produces a very low amount of waste. All the waste that is produced in terms of the mould can be ground up into pallet form and reused. The use of resin as a production material also brings benefits. For example, there are thousands of resin types available with amazing strength, corrosion resistance and durability. These resin types can compete with metals, alloys and aerospace materials. In addition, injection moulding as a process is very easy to repeat and consistent in its delivery. If you produce a large quantity of parts over the course of a few years, it is beneficial to have consistency and efficiency in your products.  

If you are looking for variation in your production process, this is also possible with injection moulding. The available colours for your products are unlimited. In addition to colours, with simple adjustments to your mould, you can also choose to create unique finishes and designs that are not an option with other materials and production processes.  

You have the ability to produce a large quantity of parts without human interaction through automation. By eliminating as much as possible, individual part costs and error rates are reduced.  


The initial cost of an injection moulding machine may be higher than your budget allows. You should also consider that injection moulding has a longer lead time than some other processes. For example, after making adjustments in the production process, it may take a day or two before you have a sample part for demonstration. A processing program can be generated overnight and you can have a sample part for demonstration within a day or two.  

What can Fleur Plastics do for you?  

As a start-up, you have many considerations when realising your intended end-product. If you choose injection moulding as your production process, Fleur Plastics is there for you. Through our expertise and experience with all kinds of companies, we are convinced that we can guide you in the production process of injection moulding. Contact us today!