Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding: High Precision

When producing plastic products through injection molding, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of materials. These different types of plastic allow us at Fleur Plastics to produce large batches of products. These products can vary from 1 to 420 grams and can contain very fine details. This is because plastic injection molding can be done with enormous precision. This high precision is also one of the great advantages of plastic injection molding.

How can plastic products be injection molded with this precision?

There are a number of different reasons, why we at Fleur Plastics can produce these products with detail for you. This starts at the beginning of the process; the design phase. By creating the mould with an eye for detail, this plays directly into the final product. In this mould drawing, various factors are taken into account that play a role in the optimization of the mould. These are for example the mold cavities, location and geometry of the injection and cooling channels.

Also, during the production process, the products are produced under high pressure, whereby the material is pressed hard against the mold. After cooling the, first liquid plastic, the final product comes out of the mold. As a result, the products become, with high accuracy, in effect a duplicate of the mold. This process from design to product contains elements that would not be possible with other materials. Which is exactly why plastic injection molding can be done with tremendous precision.

Products with details at Fleur Plastics

With our experience and specialism within plastic injection molding, we can offer you these detail-packed products. Are you looking for a producer yourself, or do you have any questions about this subject? Please feel free to contact us!