Catering industry and festival products

‘’De Horeca Bazaar’’ is a wholesaler of catering and festival products.

They offer a wide range of products to excite and entertain catering guests. In addition to the products they purchase, they also wanted their own unique shot glasses, which are currently produced by us. In the section below, the owner of ''De Horeca Bazaar'' Mark Goossens, is going to talk about the collaboration between Fleur Plastic and De Horeca Bazaar.

Collaboration with Fleur Plastics

We import many of our (party) items from Asia ourselves so that we can always guarantee the lowest price in the market.

Due to the fact that we wanted to create our own unique shot glasses, we chose to collaborate with Fleur Plastics. Fleur Plastics supervised the process of making the mold, kept us continuously informed about this and the injection molding of the shot glasses has now started to our complete satisfaction.

This collaboration has brought us four important benefits:

  • Same cost as in China

  • Much more flexible due to the fast delivery times

  • We need to keep less stock

  • We were able to make our unique, own glass to your liking

We intend to repeat this same trick in the future with our own beautiful production line of polycarbonate glasses. Fleur Plastics offers us the opportunity to further distinguish ourselves in the market.

Thank you!

Mark Goossens | Owner De Horeca Bazaar

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