Developing Injection Moulded Products as a Start Up

Developing Injection Moulded Products as a Start Up 

Developing injection-moulded products is one of the most efficient ways of mass production. By producing the same products and/or parts on a large scale with an injection moulding machine, you get consistent quality of your products while also saving a lot of costs. At Fleur Plastics, you are at the right place for your injection moulded products. Thanks to our wide variety of materials and injection moulds, we have everything you need to develop your products. We produce for our customers: products for the automotive industry, clips to attach materials for the construction industry, swivel and transport wheels, products for blinds and shutters, packaging and various items for the hospitality industry. Naturally, we can also supply products for other sectors.  

As a Start Up, you are probably still developing your product. Based on our extensive knowledge, we are happy to think along with you about how your product can best be designed. In doing so, we take into account the mechanical properties of the material, the costs and the durability of your products. With our complete project support, we are an ideal partner for Start Ups.  

Fleur Plastics, your expert in injection moulding  

Fleur Plastics started as an injection moulding technician and has grown into a full service production company since the beginning of this millennium. Because we put a lot of effort into automation and expansion in recent years, you can rely on us to work for you as effectively and efficiently as possible. Because we now get more productivity out of a day, combined with low overhead, this results in the best price for our customers.  

We are ready for you!  

Are you curious about the possibilities that Fleur Plastics has to take your production process out of your hands or do you doubt that we can realize your product? Then you can always contact us! Our experts are ready with tailor-made advice. So what are you waiting for? You can contact us via this link, or fill in the form below and we will contact you. See you soon!