Injection molding for the food industry

Our materials can replace metals in processing machines for confectionery, dairy, meat, fish or bread.

Fleur Plastics has been producing plastic parts and products for the food industry for many years to customer specifications. The food industry is bound by high and strict requirements in areas such as hygiene and resistance to cleaning methods and products. A correct choice of materials is therefore of crucial importance here. The expertise of Fleur Plastics can make an important contribution to the development of a component that must perfectly match the maintenance and application requirements. Our plastic injection molded components are available in all possible types and sizes and are very suitable as base material for fast machines with light products. The plastic materials have excellent technical properties, such as chemical resistance, wear resistance and strength.

Hygiene and safety production process food industry

Whether sweets, dairy, meat, fish or bread, most of our food today is produced or packaged using industrial machinery. A high production volume must of course not be at the expense of the safety of the products. For that reason, operators want to extend the life of their production facilities and reduce maintenance time. This in turn represents a great challenge for our designers to develop efficient plastic components that are reliable and safe, even under high loads. Regulations in the field of hygiene and safety are very important.

Injection molding for the food industry
Injection molding for the food industry

Advantages of plastic injection moulding

Thanks to their light weight and good machinability, our plastic materials can replace metals in processing machines for confectionery, dairy, meat, fish or bread. When replacing the metals, one of the most important factors we take into account is the possibility of a lighter component. Thanks to the use of plastics, this can mean higher processing speed and production efficiency for the food industry. Our product portfolio of machinable plastics meets the specific requirements of food technology in terms of safety and performance. These materials comply with the latest EU and Chinese regulations on food contact and FDA compliance of raw materials. Some examples of typical applications include gears, bearing bushes and engineering plastic parts for the filling, mixing and dosing systems.

High-quality injection molding products for the food industry at Fleur Plastics

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