Project management

Do you have an idea to market a plastic product, we can support you in doing so up to and including the production phase. You can always contact us for free or make an appointment with us. 


Whether you have an idea, concept or a product drawing, we will take care of all the contacts with drawing and tooling agencies. In addition, we will advise you on the various choices that emerge during the process. Consider choices like:

  • Which material fits best with my final product?
  • What will the product cost be?
  • What should be taken in account during actual production?

We are also able to deliver rapid prototyping services, allowing us to convert a product drawing into a tangible product. When the final product drawing meets all the requirements, the mould will be constructed. When the mould is ready, Fleur Plastics will take care of creating the process to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible but also that it is as cost-effective as possible.

We will only start the production run if you are completely satisfied about the process and product. Fleur Plastics will ensure you that a high quality product is delivered.


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