Process creation and optimization

Because of our diverse equipment and our years of experience in injection moulding, Fleur Plastics is able tot test the functionality of the mould. We will secure the quality of your product in the process window, by doing this we can ensure you that a high quality product will be produced. 

There are several ways to construct the process or test, this all depends on your wishes. Several tests can be conducted:

  • The effect of different kinds of materials on your product.
  • Process creation and registration.
  • Process optimization

In the end we will fully register the conducted test in a report. In this report the process structure is described. In addition we will also include, any findings or problems that could occur, in this report. Process creation and optimization is also a very important part in the process of bringing a product to market. But we will make sure that your requirements are met. 

Contact us now if you are interested in optimizing your product or if you are interested in project management.

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