Injection molding in the technical sector

Margins in machine and equipment fabrication have come under considerable pressure in recent years, while increasingly higher demands are being made on performance. Fleur Plastics has been producing plastic-based products for the technical sector by means of injection molding for many years. Technical products include a wide range of products, from gears to composite products. These products can be produced in different material types. It is of course important that the technical functionality of the products meets your wishes.

Based on our passion for plastic, we like to think along with you about the optimal integration of quality, functionality and design. By incorporating various components into our parts in a smart way, we enable you to reduce your own assembly costs. Naturally, we ensure that all our components meet all legal standards, as well as the requirements you set for mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance.

Advantages of injection molding technical products

The major advantage of injection molding technical products is that different plastic materials are available, with varying material properties. It is therefore always possible to make a plastic injection molded product for your applications. If your product needs to be assembled, Fleur Plastics offers the option of assembling or finishing the products against high quality requirements.

Applications for plastic injection molding in the technical sector

Plastics exist in many varieties, types and types. Some variants of commonly used plastics are PE, PP, ABS and POM. Each type of plastic has its own characteristic properties and has its own specific applications. When it comes to large volumes, plastic injection molding is the way to create such products. This of course starts with product development. In the initial phase, we look at which functionalities the product should have. The advantage of plastic injection molding is that all those functionalities can be produced in one production run.

In the past, Fleur Plastics supervised a project that focused on converting metal parts into plastic parts. A product drawing has been designed based on the metal products. The actual product was then printed using Rapid Prototyping. This makes it possible to test the product or to add any product changes at an early stage. After the product design matched the customer's wishes, the injection mold was constructed under our direction. The product was then put into production. The relevant post-processing or any assembly is fully arranged by us. So you don't have to worry about this. With products from innovative automations, the products can be provided with a metric screw thread afterwards. We have already taken this into account in the initial phase of the development process and we will therefore always choose a plastic material that is self-lubricating.

Customized injection molding products for technical products at Fleur Plastics

From our Dutch injection molding facility, our specialists think along with you. Fleur Plastics is a specialist in the injection molding of high-quality plastic products. Our customers experience this already at the beginning of the process. Our knowledge, the required materials and the injection molding techniques are used to the maximum by our design team, who will work with you to create the most ideal solution for your plastic product. Contact us today!

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