Technical products


Kunststof tandwielen

From gears to composite products, technical products describes a wide range of injection moulded products.

These products can be produced with different kinds of material. It is of course important that the technical functionality of the products meets your requirements.

Plastic in automations

One of our customers specializes in building innovative automations. Functional reliability of every component of the automation must therefore be guaranteed.This reliability can also be found in plastic. Different materials are available with varying material properties. It is therefore always possible to make a plastic injection moulded product for your applications.

If your product needs to be assembled, we can use a number of social workshops close to home, which are perfectly capable of assembling or refining good products at high quality requirements.

Total package in service

Fleur Plastics has supervised the project to convert a number of metal parts into plastic. A product drawing has been designed for the metal products. Subsequently, the actual product will first be printed using Rapid Prototyping, this makes it possible tot test the product or to add any changes in the product design. After approval we will take the product drawing to a toolmaker in the region or abroad. These two assessments is often based on the cost of the mould, but is offered to you so that you can decide where the mould is made.

Metaalonderdeel omgezet naar kunststof After the product design matched the wishes of our customer, the mould was constructed under the supervision of Fleur Plastics. Afterwards the product has been taken into production. If any post-processing or assembly need to occur, we will arrange this for you. So you do not have to worry about this

Afterwards the injection moulded products of the innovative automation will be provided with a metric thread. The metric thread has been taken into account when choosing the type of material. We took a type of plastic that is self-lubricating.    

More questions about what we can achieve for you?

It is almost always possible to apply post-processing to plastic products when necessary. Even if you may not be convinced about this. So contact us now for questions about plastic products and/or post-processing. Or you can reach us by telephone via (+31)411-624164.


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