Injection moulding for means of transport

Fleur Plastics is happy to think along with you about future-proof plastic parts for means of transport. Consider possibilities of using plastic instead of metal. Lighter plastic parts that meet the high requirements in terms of material properties that are required to function sustainably under often harsh conditions. After all, quality and quality control are the keywords in the transport sector.

The supply of plastic products to the transport industry requires a high degree of quality control. The failure rate must be very low and through our knowledge and experience we ensure that these requirements are met. Quality control is recorded in a process framework, so the deviations during the production process can be detected in time. As a result, we obtain a low failure rate and the chance of incorrect products during a long production run is minimized.

Customized plastic parts for means of transport

No matter how difficult or complicated a certain product may seem, almost all products can be realized with plastic injection moulding. This is because we work with injection molds that are made by experienced specialists who deliver craftsmanship piece by piece. Thanks to the injection mold, we can manufacture any shape and we deliver custom-made plastic injection moulding. Injection molding of thermoplastic plastics for the transport industry is a profession in its own right. At Fleur Plastics we have over 20 years of experience in the injection molding of plastic products up to 420 grams, with a clamping force ranging from 500 to 2000 kN. We supply customized products in any desired shape.


Advantages of plastic injection molding products for means of transport

The use of plastic injection molded products in the transport industry has a number of advantages. The product weight is often very low, which leads to reduced fuel consumption. In addition, our plastic is also safer and recyclable. Because the liquid plastic material is injected into the injection mold at high pressure, complex product designs can still be produced. Compared to other molding techniques, plastic injection molding is one of the faster production methods, which means that large numbers can be manufactured without any problems.

By setting up a production process that guarantees quality requirements, we can meet the requirements set within the transport industry. By applying Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) among other things, we assure you of the quality requirements set and monitoring these requirements.

Relevant knowledge and experience at Fleur Plastics

As an experienced party in the injection molding of plastic components and products, we can handle many different plastic materials. Think of materials such as ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate and much more. You can therefore contact Fleur Plastics for the injection molding of all your plastic products. Curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us today!

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