Swivel and transportwheels

Swivel and transportwheels are available for various applications. But it is important to use the right wheel for the right application. The wheels can be produced in different kinds of plastic. Different kinds of plastics are used for different applications. Most wheels are designed for a specific system, this is why the dimensions of the product need to be secure into the process parameters of the injection moulding process. But it is also very important to measure the dimensions during the process do detect any deviations. 

The injection moulding process

The process need to be created in such a way that air bubbels or imperfections on the wheel are prevented. These implications can occure because the plastic will shrink during cooling. When these implications are prevented it is easier for the customer to for example fit the bearing or applying a rubber tread around the wheel.

Together with a supplier of plastics wheels Fleur Plastics produces swivel and transportwheels in different sizes and for different applications. Due to this collaboration we are able to deliver you an injection moulded wheel, which you can assemble immediatly when delivered. 

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kunststof zwenk- en transportwielen

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