Sunprotection and outdoor blinds

Fiberglass reinforced nylon is one of the plastics often used for manufacturing parts for blinds and outdoor blinds. Because of its high rigidity and dimensional stability, this material is well suited for this purpose.

The use of plastic also makes it possible to design beautiful developable products, which are lightweight and can be manufactured directly on colors using different masterbatches.


A manufacturer of aluminum profiles also saw the advantages of using fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Fleur Plastics went to work converting aluminum parts to fiberglass reinforced parts. In order to also achieve the benefits of plastic for our customer.

By using fiberglass, the product is already hardened during the process. When using parts in awnings, the products often need to be attached to other components. But through plastic injection molding, virtually identical products can be produced.

Material types

By involving Fleur Plastics in the development process, we think along in advance about the plastics to be used. Fiberglass reinforced nylon is of course not the only material we use to manufacture products.