Sunprotection and outdoor blinds

Glass-fiber reinforced nylon is one of the materials that is often used for the production of parts that are used in sun protection and outdoor blinds. Due to their high stiffness and dimensional stability this material is very suitable for this. 

The use of plastic also makes it possible to design beautiful developable products, which are light in weight and can be manufactured directly on colors using different masterbatches.


Markies delen voor jaloezieën

A manufacturer of aluminum profiles also saw the advantages of using glass-fiber reinforced nylon. For our customer we converted some of the aluminum parts into glass-fiber reinforced nylon. In order to achieve the benefits of plastic for our customer.

Due to the use of fiberglass, the product hardens during the injection moulding process. When using components in the awnings, the products are often attached to other components. But it is possible to produce almost identical products with injection moulding.


Of course glass-fiber reinforced nylon is not the only kind of material with which we can produce products for you. By involving Fleur Plastics in the development process, we are able to advice you in which material suits your product best.

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