New or old moulds, moulds manufactured by Fleur Plastics or already purchased moulds. It makes for us no difference to accept you as a customer. For products that are in a later phase of the product life cycle, low cost are one of the key objectives to maintain your competitive advantage. 

Thanks to our low overhead and extensive automation, we can provide you these low cost. This makes it possible for our customers to invest in new moulds and new product designs. The lower cost of your product makes it also able for you to invest in the look of your product.

Similarly in the packaging industry:

Green soap

Groene zeep van Driehoek/Tricel

The moulds of products in a later phase of the product life cycle are often already a bit older. But for us that does not mean that they are too old. Through small renovations and an process optimization we still can ensure high quality products.

This also applies to the green soap, a product that already exist for years. Fleur Plastics has been responsible for producing the pod and lid of the green soap for three generations. We also take care of the printing of the pots with a dry off-set after production.

Optimization through automation of the injection moulding process

Automatisering Zeeppot To optimize the product, we also looked for possibilities to extent the cycle time of this product. With our robot from the brand Star and a specially devised robot hand, we are able to stack the products from the 2-fold mould on a conveyor belt.

For the lid an automation has been purchased, the lids are stacked in a buffer and than put on a turntable. The handling costs are thus reduced, which also reduces the cost price of the product

Injection moulding cost

For new or old products we are always looking for way to improve the production process, to extend the life cycle of products, to reduce the waste of plastic and to keep the cost low. 

We also reduced the injection moulding costs for the green soap. Of course the lower cost will not affect the quality of the product. 

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