Injection moulding for packaging

Because the process takes place mechanically, it is possible to work precisely and accurately.

Fleur Plastics has a lot of knowledge and extensive experience in developing the most diverse plastic packaging. We have been designing and producing plastic packaging for many years for, among others, the consumer goods industry and the food industry. Injection molding is a widely used design technique for plastic packaging. In injection molding, plastic is melted and injected under high pressure into an injection mold. When the plastic solidifies again by cooling, it takes on the desired packaging shape. The result is sturdy packaging that is extremely suitable for foodstuffs, but certainly also for non-food packaging. Your injection molded packaging is made entirely according to your wishes.

We are always looking for ways to improve the production process for new or older products. To extend the product life cycle, reduce plastic waste and control costs.

Advantages of injection moulded packaging 

New or old moulds, moulds manufactured under the direction of Fleur Plastics or moulds purchased by you. It makes no difference to us to welcome you as a customer. With products in the later stages of the life cycle, low costs are increasingly important to maintain your competitive advantage. Due to our low overhead and extensive automation, we ensure a low cost price. This also makes it possible for you to invest in new molds and new designs, so that the products will once again be in the spotlight.

Injection moulding for packaging
Injection moulding for packaging

Because the injection molding process of the packaging takes place mechanically, it is possible to work precisely and accurately. The chance of errors is small and the production costs are relatively low. In addition, the production volume of consumer products is usually very high. The injection molding process is highly optimized and very suitable for the production of a large number of consumer products. Injection molding also has a consistent shape and quality; one product cannot be distinguished from another. By using certain injection molding methods, parts that do not require post-processing can be secured. These parts are completely finished.

Applications plastic injection molding packaging

We tailor our plastic packaging completely to your specific wishes and needs. In our Dutch injection molding facility we are able to produce for you day and night. Our machines produce packaging ranging from 1 to 420 grams. For example, we have been producing the pot and lid of green soap for many years. A special automation has been purchased for the lids, in which the lids are stacked and stored in a buffer on a turntable. This reduces handling costs, which is reflected in the cost price of the product.

Top quality plastic packaging at Fleur Plastics

Are you looking for opportunities to improve your current packaging or to develop a new packaging? We offer you various services to achieve this. Because we have given adjustment courses and injection molding lessons in the past at a technical center (Mikrocentrum), a joint expertise has been built up within Fleur Plastics. Thanks to our many years of experience, combined with advanced injection molding machines, we are able to produce your injection molded packaging accurately.

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