Injection moulding for food packaging

Plastic injection molded packaging offers many possibilities for the food industry.

At Fleur Plastics you can find custom packaging for the food industry. The commercial success of plastics in food packaging is due to the versatility of the materials. The strength in combination with a low specific weight, good barrier properties and the ease of sterilization are perfect properties to serve as packaging. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in developing the most diverse plastic packaging and designs and have been producing plastic packaging for the food industry for years. Injection molding is a molding technique that is widely used in plastic packaging. In injection molding, plastic material is melted and injected into an injection mold under high pressure. When the plastic solidifies again by cooling, it will take the desired packaging shape. The result is that the sturdy packaging is very suitable for products from the food industry. For new or older food products, we are always looking for ways to improve the production process. To extend the product life cycle, reduce plastic waste and control costs.

The development of packaging in the food industry

The food industry is a very dynamic market, whose products often have a short life cycle. It is precisely because of this short life cycle that it is important that action is taken quickly and efficiently. And we at Fleur Plastics are strong in that. We make changes to plastic packaging quickly and our innovative team of specialists provides solutions that directly benefit your customers. With unique packaging and dosing systems, we have extensive expertise in the food industry and are good at designing and producing extraordinary solutions.

We meet all strict requirements and standards set for packaging materials for food. Saving raw materials and energy is the basis for the development of innovative food packaging. In order to meet these wishes, it is important that you have a partner who thinks along with you and who knows what is important for your product. Our team is always ready to think along with you and to assist you in developing or adapting food packaging.

Injection moulding for food packaging
Injection moulding for food packaging

Advantages of injection moulding plastic packaging

Plastic injection molded packaging offers many possibilities for various industries, but especially for the food industry. If you are launching a new food concept, the food packaging may not be number one on your list. But the packaging is an important part of the safety and appearance of your products. In addition, plastic packaging offers many indispensable advantages for a successful launch of the product. A plastic injection molding packaging ensures that the shelf life of fresh products is extended. In addition, the packaging ensures that it is easy to open and that it can be easily transported.

Fleur Plastics is happy to think along with you about your food packaging

Packaging for sauces, soups, ice cream, salads and ready meals.. whatever you can think of we can produce it custom-made for you. Is the concept of your new food product still in its infancy? Do not hesitate to contact us at an early stage, because our specialists are happy to think along with you. Do you already have an existing plastic packaging and would you like to provide this packaging with a new design? Even then our specialists are ready for you. Contact us for more information.

We can't wait to help you with your challenge!