Injection molding for the construction industry


Designers of construction materials are Increasingly opting for the high performance and reliability of plastic. Fleur Plastics has been producing plastic-based products for the construction industry by means of injection molding for many years. Plastic products are on the rise in construction and construction and have become virtually indispensable for the execution of successful construction projects. Innovation creates new application possibilities for plastic products, such as the plastic used in the tools and the various machines that are needed in the construction.

In theory, there are different production technologies possible to make construction components. However, when producing plastic parts, accessories and tools, injection molding is the best and most popular choice. This is due to the clear advantages over other production technologies in terms of cost, production volume and application possibilities.

Advantages of plastic injection molding products for construction

Construction components can be subject to extreme pressures due to high or low temperatures and mechanical stress. In addition, they generally need to be chemically resistant and able to withstand prolonged contact like water. At the same time, the demands on sustainability are very high. There are dozens of types and hundreds of variants of modern plastics to choose from, making virtually any desired application possible. By combining two plastic materials into one component, special visual- or mechanical requirements can be met. Numerous variations are possible to give the parts your own look and feel.

Always top quality plastic products at Fleur Plastics

We have seven injection molding machines, varying from 500 to 2000 kN clamping force. This allows us to produce injection molded products up to 420 grams. The installation dimensions of the injection mold can be used up to 570 millimetres. If there are visible parts or parts that must not be damaged, we can remove them with a robot and put them away on a cooling belt, after which they are packed by hand.

Our injection molding machines are inspected and calibrated every two years by the machine supplier to ensure the continuity of the accuracy of the machines. In case of repairs, only the supplier works on the machine, with original parts from the factory. 

Customized plastic products for construction at Fleur Plastics

We always keep a close eye on developments in this industry, in order to adapt our plastic products and services to the latest requirements at an early stage. Are you active in the construction sector and do you use plastic injection molded products in your work? And are you also looking for a reliable injection molding company with the right knowledge of the industry? Then we are happy to be the producing and advising party with which you do business. Do you have questions about our plastic products for construction and construction? Please do not hesitate to contact our injection molding facility in Boxtel.

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