Injection molding for construction


Fleur Plastics has been producing plastic-based products for the construction industry by means of injection molding for many years. Due to the unique combination of properties, plastic products have become essential for the execution of successful (new) construction projects. Think, for example, of the plastic that is used in the machines and the tools that are needed in construction. The plastic materials are very strong, but also durable and easy to shape.

Injection molding is very popular in the processing of thermoplastics. The design of the product takes place in the injection mold that is mounted on the injection molding machine. The molten plastic is injected into this mold under high pressure, which then solidifies in the cooled cavity, giving the product the desired hardness, shape and appearance.

Advantages of injection molding construction products

The changes in the construction sector follow up each other at a rapid pace and the demand for construction products is also changing rapidly. Fleur Plastics has the experience and knowledge in the construction sector and therefore responds effortlessly to current developments. There are many different production techniques for developing construction products, but injection molding is the best and most efficient choice when it comes to producing plastic parts, tools and attachments for the construction industry. Injection molding is the best option, because the production technique has demonstrable advantages in terms of costs, application possibilities and production numbers.

Plastic injection molding applications in the construction sector

Injection molding is a production technique that is perfect to a wide variety of applications in the construction sector. The production is very suitable and also very cost-effective for all kinds of different applications and demands. Injection molding is not only the best solution for producing a wide range of simple plastic products, but also due to the continuous development of knowledge and technology, injection molding is also an ideal choice for the production of complex products with multiple components and even with multiple materials. Some possible uses for the construction industry include plastic fasteners, spacers, attachments, clamps and plastic tool parts.

Fleur Plastics is happy to offer you a total solution for all applications in the design and production of plastic injection molded products for the construction sector. We are able to work quickly and efficiently, for a competitive price. At Fleur Plastics you can count on relatively short lead times and acceptable costs. Are you looking for a total solution? Then you have come to the right place at Fleur Plastics!

Top quality plastic construction products at Fleur Plastics

We always keep a close eye on developments in the construction sector in order to adapt our plastic injection molding products and services on time to the latest requirements. Are you active in the construction industry and are you looking for top quality plastic injection molding products? And are you also looking for a reliable injection molding company with the right knowledge about the requirements from the construction sector? Then we are happy to be your advising and producing partner. In our injection molding facility in the Netherlands we are able to produce for you day and night. Our machines produce injection molded products, ranging from 1 to 420 grams. In addition, we share our expertise through project management in the Netherlands. Contact us today!

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