Injection molding of consumer products

Injection molding is one of the most important molding techniques for plastic parts.

A large part of the plastic products that consumers use in everyday life are injection molded products. These consumer products can be produced in a few ways. Raw materials such as polyamide and polyethylene are formed into a product according to your wishes by means of an injection molding machine. In the injection molding of consumer products or parts thereof, a measured amount of plastic is heated. This liquid mass is then injected under high pressure into an injection mold cavity. This cavity has the shape of the desired consumer product. This can be anything from a relatively simple to a complex product. The next step in making injection molded products is to cool the product. After the material has cooled, the injection mold opens and the product is ejected.

Injection molding is one of the most important molding techniques for plastic parts. This is because it has a number of significant advantages over alternative methods, such as rotational molding. It offers advantages in terms of efficiency, complexity, strength, choice of finish and automation.

Savings in production costs of consumer products

Because the injection molding process takes place mechanically, it is possible to work accurately and precisely. The chance of errors is very small and the production costs of injection molded products are low. In addition, production numbers for consumer products are often high and our injection molding process is highly optimized, making it very suitable for producing large series of consumer products. Because the liquid plastic material is injected into the injection mold under very high pressure, there is always a consistent shape and quality. One product shows no difference compared to the other. Thanks to this innovative method, you are assured of components that do not require post-processing. After the product comes out of the injection mold, it looks smooth and completely finished and therefore does not require any post-processing.

Injection molding of consumer products
Injection molding of consumer products

Consumer products made by injection moulding

We live in an era where plastic is used a lot. Packaging, consumer goods and almost every other type of product you can think of contains plastic. Most of these products are manufactured by means of plastic injection moulding. The technique is used for consumer products such as toys, telephones, plastic furniture, caps, but also for the packaging of foodstuffs. Think, for example, of dosing systems or plastic packaging

Customized plastic consumer products at Fleur Plastics

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