Injection molding for the transport sector

The transport sector uses 9% of all the plastic in Europe. In order to enable lighter means of transport, the use of plastics is of great importance. When developing transport solutions, our specialist designers strive to find the ideal balance between high material performance, competitive prices, style, comfort, safety, fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. A sustainable solution is expressed in an optimal balance between all these factors and requirements.

Advantages of plastic injection molding products

Innovative plastic materials play an important role in finding the balance between earlier mentioned factors and requirements. Plastic components weigh 50% less than comparable components made of other materials. This weight reduction then results in fuel savings of 25 to 35 percent. In addition, lightweight plastics offer solutions that meet essential safety requirements, such as fire safety. We have injection molding machines that produce injection molded products ranging from 1 to 420 grams. We use this to produce a wide range of plastic solutions for the transport and logistics sector.

Applications plastic injection molding products transport sector

The transport sector at Fleur Plastics has an endless variation in size, complexity and batch size. The transport sector has been using our injection molded products in many sizes and designs for many years. Fleur Plastics produces and supplies them directly to the customer. As a result, we fully manage the design, development and manufacturing in-house. With the design we respond to the needs of our customers. Fleur Plastics' products meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, food safety and robustness.

An example of a final product that we produce for many customers are castor- and transport wheels. Castor -and transport wheels are available for different applications, where it is important that the right wheel is used for the right application. The wheels can be produced in different plastics, specific for a certain application. Because wheels are often custom-made for systems, it is crucial to incorporate the dimensions in the process parameters of the injection molding process. During the production run, samples are also tested to prevent deviations.

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We strive for sustainable partnerships with our customers. That is why we try to provide added value at every level. Not only when it comes to the production of plastic parts, but also by thinking along during product development and by providing solutions in the field of logistics. Our approach has amply proven itself. We can't wait to realize your ambitions. Our team of specialists are always there for you. Contact us for more information.


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