Injection molding for automotive

Fleur Plastics is your ideal partner for the injection molding of plastic automotive parts. We injection mold special plastic car parts in large quantities for various companies within the automotive industry. Injection molding is our specialty and we have been focusing on the development of injection molding processes for a wide variety of industries for many years, including the automotive industry. We are experts in the field of injection moulding of thermoplastics and decorative plastics for automotive parts.

During injection molding, a measured amount of plastic is heated. This mass is then injected into a mold cavity under high pressure. This mold cavity has the shape of the desired product. This can be anything from a relatively simple product to a complex product. The next step in making injection molded products is to cool the product. After the material has cooled, the mold opens and the product is ejected.

Advantages of injection molding automotive parts

The use of plastic in the automotive industry has a number of advantages. Product weight is often low, which will lead to reduced fuel consumption. But plastic is also safer and recyclable. The supply of plastic products to the automotive industry requires a high degree of sizing and quality control. The failure rate should be very low. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we ensure that these requirements are met. Quality control is documented in the process framework, so that any deviations in the production process can be identified in a timely manner. This allows us to achieve a lower failure rate and minimize the chance of faulty products during the lengthy production process.