Delivering plastic products to the automotive industry requires a high degree of dimensioning and quality control. The drop rate needs to be very low. Through our experiences and knowledge we make sure that these requirements are being met. 

The quality control is secured in the process window, which makes us able to identify quality deviations during the production run. By securing the process parameters we are able to achieve low drop out rates, which reduces the change of wrong injection moulded products being made during a long production run. 

Efficiency through plastic 

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The use of plastics products in the automotive industry gives you a couple of advantages. Often the product weight is lower, which will lead to higher fuel efficiency. But next to this plastics is also safer and recyclable.

Complex product designs can be made with plastics because the plastic is being injected into the mould with high pressure. In comparison with other shaping techniques, injection moulding is one of the faster production methods to produce a large number of products.

Highly specialized products

Technisch product automotive By setting up the process window within which the quality requirements are guaranteed, we can meet the strict requirements set in the automotive industry during the production of the plastic parts.

With the application of the Production Part Approval Proces (PPAP), we assure you of the quality requirements and the control of these requirements.

Our involvement as a family business and our low overhead cost, we can provide you with competitive prices. 


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