Peripheral equipment

In addition, to support the production we use the following peripheral equipment:

  • Robot to remove residual material and products.
  • Material dryers for hydroscopic materials (material that draws water from the air). By drying the material, the product becomes firmer.
  • Materialconveying equipment for transporting the material to the injection moulding machines.
  • Hotrunner Controllers, some moulds use a hotrunner systems, which keeps the melt channel heated.
  • Temperature Control Unit to heat the mould up to 140 degrees.
  • Grinders for direct grinding and reuse of residual material, thereby reducing material waste.
  • Coloring equipment to produce coloured products in for example RAL colors.
  • Storagesystems with boxes to store the produced products making it able to produce 24/7.

 Drogers, inkleur- en aanzuigapparatuur voor materialen

 Dryers, coloringequipment and materialconveying

 Simatec materiaal drogers en aanzuigingen


 Star automation


 Geiger Takkenpikkers

 Sprue picker

 Regloplas Tempereerapparaten

 Temperature Control Unit

 HB-Therm Tempereerapparaten

 Temperature Control Unit

 Dynisco Hotrunner Systemen

Ewikon Hotrunner Systemen   

PSG Hotrunner Systemen

 Hotrunner Controllers

 Schuma Buffersystemen


 Wanner Maalmolens


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