Injection moulding machines

Our injection moulding machines from the brand Arburg are equipped with a Selogica control. Arburg 150 ton spuitgietmachine

With this control we are able to track and secure the process parameters nominally and graphically. When we create a injection moulding process we secure the process parameters in a window to ensure that the required quality is being met. When quality of the product starts to deviate the process parameters also will start to deviate. When this happens the production will automatically stop. A research will be conducted to find the problem and solve it. Only when the problem is solved the production will start again.

Peripheral equipment

All our machines are equipped with a temperature control unit to achieve the right mould temperature which suits the material. A mould temperature has a big effect on the quality and lifespan of injection moulded products. Our machines are also equipped with robots to remove and store the product or waste material. Our grinders will grind the waste material, which makes it possible to reintegrate the material back into the process. 

The processes created by us will be documented and stored. This makes us able to use the exactly the same process for the next production run. But also exactly the same product quality.

Long term quality

Spuitgietmachine Arburg We always produce our injection moulded products with pure materials ordered from the same supplier. Our material is also provided with a certificate of origin, which we will share with you on request. The materials are also equipped with the right quality marks.

Currently we have seven injection moulding machines varying from 500 till 2000kN closing force. This makes us able to produce injection moulded product up till 420 grams. The maximum built-in size of the mould is 570 mm.

We handle all your products with care but if you have product which require extra caution. For example products which are visible to the eye of your customer, we can remove the product from the mould with a robot. The robot will place your product on a cooling conveyer. Afterwards the products will be packed by hand.

To ensure the accuracy of our injection moulding machines they are being tested and calibrated every two years by Arburg. The accuracy of our machines if very important to ensure the delivery of high quality products. Only Arburg is allowed to conduct repairs on our machines and we always use original parts if something needs to be replaced.

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